Your input needed: Questions for panel w/ Eben Moglen, RMS, 4 MEPs

On July 9 at the Libre Software Meeting / RMLL in Brussels, we’re organising a big panel discussion on “Technology, Power and

After the news about wide-ranging communications surveillance we’ve heard in recent weeks, this topic is arguably even more pressing than it was before. But we want to look at the long term:

What do we need to change in politics and technology today to build a better world tomorrow?

For this discussion we’re bringing some of the Free Software movement’s leading minds together with the people who represent us in the European Parliament. We’re extremely happy to have a list of first-rate participants:

  •   Eben Moglen (Columbia University / Software Freedom Law Center)
  •   Richard M Stallman (FSF)
  •   Judith Sargentini (MEP Greens/EFA)
  •   Marc Tarabella (MEP S&D – tbc)
  •   Nils Torvalds (MEP ALDE)
  •   Ioannis A. Tsoukalas (MEP EPP)

I’d like your input: What should we ask these people? What are your most urgent questions on technology and politics?

Please post your questions in the comments. We’ll gather them and get them to Brussels.