Hack4Europe! Hacking for freedom

Hack4Europe! 2012 is a set of events in five different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Latvia and Poland) organised by Europeana and partners between 9 May- 21 June.
Hackathons are organised to bring together developers, designers and programmers who can compete to develop their ideas for the creative re-use of Europeana data and to build applications.
Happy hacking!


This years DFD was a great success, especially the handcuffs mission.
Even Neelie Kroes, vice President of the European Commission, received a pair of them.[1]

I’d like to highlight the best comment on the issue from Caroline De Cock:

‘Kroes was particularly pleased with her handcuffs’ http://ow.ly/ayoJ5 #girlsjustwannahavefun cc @neeliekroeseu

Already looking forward next years DFD 🙂

[1] See her reaction and articles writing about DFD: The Guardian, Wired UK, PCWorld