Update on gettext for static websites

I got some helpful responses to my HOWTO use gettext for static websites. Here are three systems, based on GNU gettext, for building translated static websites:

  • Políglota: the system used by getGNULinux.org. You can see how it works by looking at the source for that website. This tool takes care of updating internal links to translations too. (Thanks Gustavo Narea!)
  • xml2po – and some usage tips. Can either work with XHTML, DocBook, or your own custom written XML format. An XSLT can be used to generate the post-translation XHTML. (Thanks Goran Rakic!)
  • The new gnu.org translation system: GNUnited Nations. They say it currently can only work for gnu.org’s layout, but I guess a bit of hacking could make it work with other sites. The 0.1 release announcement has a little bit of other info.
  • Plus, although not based on gettext, the build system of fsfeurope.org is another way of managing translations. Most of the work is done by build.pl.

Ciarán O’Riordan,
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