Antonios Tsipropoulos case is finally over

Not guilty!

While I read yesterday night news, I noticed that after 7 years, the case of is finally over with acquittal verdict on the automatic prosecution against mr. Antonios Tsipropoulos.

The case had its roots in 2006 when mr. Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, a physicist from Thessaloniki, who is mostly known as the greek Alex Jones sued A.T., because his feed aggregator,, reproduced the feed of which satyrized him. at the time was, the most popular feed aggregator as had reached its peak few months ago and started to decline. After the police invasion to A.T. and the stop of D.L. withdraw the sue, but the process went on automatically, for reasons that could be explained only by the former Minister of New Democracy, mr. Theodoros Roussopoulos, then Minister of Press and of course the public persecutor.

On this point, now after the case is over, I would like to share something with the universe. In late 2006 few months before the case, I had started discussing with the blogger known as funEL, or dherty at Yahoo. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the dialogs but one thing I can remember is that he revealed to me, that he was a pionneer journalist at George Koskotas newspapers. He must had told me also many other information, but I cannot recall anything. Also, it was Yahoo chat system at the time, that didn’t always supported greek text, so after a few

- how are you?

- ????? ??????

dialogs, I stopped chatting with him. Many journalists had been deceived by G.K. at the late 80s. That cannot be charge against free press. But, even so, the total behavior of this guy is absolutely unacceptable. He slowly disappeared, his blog remaining an on-line cemetery until 2007. Antonios stood alone in this battle, won only 7 years after…

Here comes the question. Even D.L. is the greek Alex Jones, how one can fight against conspiracy theorists and other non-sense? Except if, this was not the real purpose of the blog. That thought intrigues me to make a connection between mr. Theodoros Roussopoulos and the unknown George Koskotas journalist. Because actually mr. Roussopoulos shares in a way the same past with this guy. For those who know the Koskotas case (too long for this post) and where from mr. Roussopoulos started his political career, things start to make a sense.

What was the purpose? The manipulation of the – today – free press, the blogs. In my opinion a case had to be invented and that was the one of

Why? This is far beyond the purpose of this blog. I can think of political, geopolitical and other reasons, justified or unjustified. But for us this is not the point. Anyone should be free to express his opinion no matter what.