That’s what I can call a real hackerspace!

Today when I opened my laptop for the second time in the day, I got a very pleasant surprise. The surprise comes from Efstathios Xatzikiriakidis Arduino hacker who is a friend and a founding member of Thessaloniki’s Hackerspace. From 2008, Thessaloniki’s GNU/Linux Lab served and continues to serve its purpose also as a hackerspace but from another point of view.

Thessaloniki’s Hackerspace though is another story.

Is a place where hardware, books, code, and knowledge is shared between people who like to hack.

The founders also get things straight from the start:

Please note that the term hacker has nothing to do with security intruders doing illegal activities. TheHackerspace focuses on open hardware and electronics (arduino, mbed, etc.), embedded systems (game consoles, robots, automation, etc.) and operating systems (GNU/Linux, *BSD, MINIX 3, Plan 9, etc.).

As I can see from the photos there is a large enough space for experimenting, working and hacking.

I know personally Efstathios and Athanasios and I can say that together with Stavros, Thessaloniki Hackerspace was founded by the right people. I am very happy of this because 8 years now in the free software communities I have seen many people, many characters not always with pure and kind motives. Guys, have this in mind also.

I support their effort and I hope everything goes well! Have a good start and a much better journey!