Free Software: Candle in the Dark

We live in turbulent times, that’s for sure and the financial crisis is the one to blame. There is a very difficult situation in my country these days and lately there is much anger and discord among people. The Free Software Community is a part of the society, so it is affected by these phenomena. Many people don’t realize one thing. That Free Software from its conception until now is not only an alternative software without viruses or a software given gratis. Is another way of life. Another point of view. Another development model which can help confront with the crisis.

A crisis which in its core is a cultural, ethical, a crisis of values and secondary a financial one. What we can learn from Free Software? First not to hate each other. This is the optimistic scenario for the time. I won’t say “Love each other”. Second, to come together. Not in an anxious way, but slowly, step by step. Third, work together in good will. So even if there are some mistakes or misunderstandings, one must have the patience to sit down and discuss and avoid inappropriate blaming.

After all, we are not so many and Free Software is the candle in the dark. Let it shine!