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Libreoffice Design Session: Inserting a Chart

Friday, April 17th, 2015

The Libreoffice UX team presents ideas for an updated workflow to insert charts. We show mockups how the dialog may look like and idea how to tweak your graph to perfection.

Probably everyone working with Libreoffice Calc is using charts. And maybe some wondered why the dialog to insert a chart has a wizard-like workflow for all the less relevant options. But inserting a chart is not only a task in Calc. You can add charts in any other tool. And then things really get messy‚Ķ[Continue Reading…]

Libreoffice Design Session: Shapes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

The Libreoffice UX team presents two proposals on how to access shapes from the sidebar, with the goal to unify the look and feel of Libreoffice tools and to get more space for additional categories of shapes.

Libreoffice Draw was treated somewhat novercally in last time. But we didn’t forget it and started to pimp its look and feel. This design session was about moving the stencils from the shapes toolbar into the sidebar. And of course not only Libreoffice Draw benefits from this effort. [Continue Reading…]