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smbmount functionality

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Because I was futzing around with Samba yesterday, I installed smbmount (a shell wrapper around /sbin/mount.cifs). I needed to (briefly) mount a network-based NAS in order to move some files to it. I’ll reconfigure the NAS later to take either FTP (unsecure, but it is on a local wired network) or NFS — although I’m not sure it actually supports NFS. Anyway, apt-get install smbfs on a Kubuntu 9.04 box. So, who’s to be surprised when this happens:

$ /sbin/mount.cifs
Segmentation fault

That is, shall we say, not an ideal response if there are mandatory parameters that have been left out. Good thing it’s Free Software, so you can see the source code and realise that the check for argc < 3 is a little late and that mountpoint = argv[2] might not be a good idea if no arguments are given. Hey, it’s worth a bug report, patch — and then hope for a release faster than when fixing Windows 7 SMB bugs 🙂