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Done in Berlin

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

We need a couch in the office, for sunday-afternoon naps after long, long meetings of the KDE e.V. board. Since we need some more furniture for the office anyway — shelving for storing schwag, some organizing cabinets and things to keep down clutter and a better monitor stand for Thorsten — we just might end up ordering a cheap one. It might improve efficiency in the long run. Some complicated discussions today about interacting with the KDE community and the membership of KDE e.V., since the board has a formal role in the association but is also composed of KDE contributors. Planned some bits and pieces for Akademy. I finally got around to booking a hotel — far away from Team Humongous, so bedtime stories are going to be an issue. And I was just finishing up an ecological fairytale for sharing, too.

A board meeting wobbles between abstract, long-term thinking (for instance) about financing developer sprints and procedures around those sprints and really concrete things like (for instance) ensuring that we have a stable document storage facility or brainstorming potential KDE SC release codenames. It’s a fun kind of meeting, but it really takes it out of you. I’ll be glad to take an extra nap on the train back home tomorrow. Given that the train leaves Berlin at 6:37am, that shouldn’t be all that difficult. I’d like to thank Claudia and Thorsten for taking time out of their weekend to facilitate the meeting, and applaud Celeste for doing crazy stuff.

Who is KDE?

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Look at my horse
My horse is amazing

Board showing its cat-herding abilities

This is the last of the KDE e.V. board photo montages I’ll do from our recent board meeting in Berlin. You will note that we have considerable skills in rodeo riding as applied to dragons. But for a much better view of the KDE community (“KDE”) you should take a look at the planet or the dot.


Friday, August 21st, 2009

I’m in Frankfurt this weekend for a meeting of the board of KDE e.V., where the main topic is the office; we will be moving to Berlin later this year, and selecting a location and planning the move is important for having a pleasant autumn. It’s a typical board meeting, with document sharing, silly drawings on the flip-over chart, a nice lunch organized by Claudia and a bazillion topics to go through besides the ones on the agenda.


Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Back from GCDS; patches for qtcreator handed off; packing for trip to London; putting kids to bed. I realize now that I didn’t tell a single dinosaur story at this conference; that I still owe some people an explanation; that I had far too little time to talk to Till about anything. I intend to spend this week on work-work (which is why I’m going to London) and restoring family ties that 14 days of Free Software travel have raveled.

The closing summary article on GCDS is up on the dot now, and it gives a pretty clear picture of what happened and what the most tangible results are. I’d like to thank the membership of KDE e.V. for giving me another mandate for three years as KDE’s “legal dude”. This will no longer be my primary Free Software affiliation because of my work for the Free Software Foundation Europe, but I expect it to receive as much attention as it needs. It will be evening (GMT+2) work, though. I look forward to working with Frank and Celeste and the “old” board members to maintain our legal and organizational stability.