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4.5.2 on OSOL and OI for real

I recently mentioned that Plasma Desktop and KDE applications 4.5.2 was building. It’s done now and the repository has been put up on This uses a Linux port of pkg.depotd, rather crudely hacked together by myself. That should ease up some package downloading issues.

So, users of KDE4 on OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana, it’s time to update. Remember to file bugs at with the OS set to Solaris, and drop by #kde4-solaris on Freenode.

PS. There was an article up on a Dutch website with “5 best things Oracle did for Open Source” and one of them was “Kill OpenSolaris”. Hm. PPS. Konqueror does crash on Flash games sites, somewhere in kjs. On the plus side, DrKonqui now produces nice stack traces with dbx.

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