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Another week gone by an no end to my cold in sight. This is getting to be really annoying, as it both fragments my work day and makes me unreliable in responding to just about anything — so various jobs (both real and hobby) have been falling behind.

The hobby bits are easier to write about, so here goes: I wanted to produce a screenie of Krita on OpenSolaris, but it turns out that it hand not been built in my first packaging (neither had KSpread, for that matter). Turns out they require Eigen. Eigen is a C++ template-based linear algebra library. So I installed the Eigen package (also produced by the KDE4-OpenSolaris project: make no mistake, this is a small group with a big software stack to take care of). That’s where the fun starts — I don’t think anything else makes serious use of Eigen. Maybe some stuff in KDEgames or KDeedu, but obviously because I hadn’t had Eigen installed previously, they (if they are there) have been silently ignored.

So, Eigen. Since the KDE4-OpenSolaris project aims to use the Sun Studio compiler (so that the resulting KDE4 could be included in the base system and so that i t can re-use any other C++ infrastructure in the system), we need to make sure that Eigen works with the compiler. In the case of a giant and complicated template library, that can be a big effort. And I’m immediately stymied by the Matrix class, where the compiler complains about multiple definitions of every type in the Eigen generic interface (Base, Scalar, and another half-dozen). I’ve not even managed to strip the examples down to an example that demonstrates the problem, which makes debugging — or asking the compiler gurus for help — difficult.

Suffice to say that Krita screenshots are not to be expected anytime soon.

On the upside, the release of KDE SC 4.4 RC2 means that the other bits are nearing stability, which means we can re-focus on stability and performance on OpenSolaris for a bit. Since Pavel has set up various continuous builds on our crunchy build box (courtesy of Sun Netherlands) so tracking in future should work a little better — I hope we have fewer separate patches to maintain in future as more stuff gets upstreamed.