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GnuPG for CardMan 4040

Nils Faerber was so kind to send me a CardMan 4040 PCMCIA reader and I instantly hacked GnuPG’s internal CCID driver to support this device. It basically worked but obviously I never tried decryption so when Georg complained today I took some time off to fix that. The result is now a better working driver for most readers.

It is in the SVN (trunk and 1.9) but you may simply replace the driver files of a released GnuPG by ftp://ftp.g10code.com/g10code/patches/ccid-driver.c and ftp://ftp.g10code.com/g10code/patches/ccid-driver.h.

To get the reader working, Linux is required where you need to enable the low-level driver for that device (drivers/char/pcmcia). Don’t forget to create a /dev/cmx0 character device using a major number you figure out by looking at /proc/devices, a minor of 0 and write permissions for you.

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