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fsfe box logo

I’ve just finished playing with gimp and created a small button
Hope you like it :)

ps: sorry fot the gif format, but i got trouble with gimp saving png
–gif imaged removed–

ok, i created an xcf version of the box (sorry for the delay but i’m not used to graphics at all)
Here is the XCF version, while the png version follows

4 Responses to “fsfe box logo”

  1. greve Says:

    I like it

    This is pretty cool, I like it.

    Maybe you could put the XCF online, then someone else could turn it into PNG?

  2. mk Says:

    Cool :)

    Yes, please upload the xcf file…

  3. smc Says:

    very cool

    I don’t know why, but these little boxes always looked cool to me… this one especially! :-)

  4. maxer Says:


    A very good work ;-)