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Which java? 4-5-6?

While GNU Classpath is finally reaching its first release, Sun has recently released the 2nd beta of Mustang – Java 6.

For what I know, most and major applications (I’m talking about banking apps) still runs on Java 1.4, so it’s still worth developing with it.

If you were to choose the Java version of your next webapp or client, will you choose Java 5 (maybe hoping and waiting for Harmony), will you prefer 1.4 (planning to develop it with Classpath) or will you get yourself “on the edge” and use the latest build of Mustang?

I would prefer 1.4 as I don’t feel to trust Harmony that much…

2 Responses to “Which java? 4-5-6?”

  1. schiessle Says:

    I would use GNU Classpath

    Hi federico, until now i haven’t much experience with Java but this will probably change in the next weeks and months.

    If i would have to use Java and could decide which version i use i would go with Java 1.4 and GNU Classpath. GNU Classpath is currently the only option to use Java with Free Software and don’t fall into the Java Trap. I’m sure GNU Classpath will have a bright future.

  2. federico Says:


    I agree with you, schiessle, and I suggest you, if you don’t know it, to check Kaffe, a free virtual machine implementation project that takes most of its core classes from gnu classpath