Getting to know the Albanian Free Software Community | Our trip to openLabs and 1st Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL)

July 20th 2013

During the  openSUSE Conference 2014, we were organising the LPI Exam Lab given that GREEKLUG is the LPI Master Affiliate in Greece. There we came in contact with a great and very interesting guy who is a founding member and leader of the Tirana Free Software Group, “OpenLabs“, Redon Skikuli.

We started to speak with him in English. At some point, he suddenly interrupted the discussion, saying in perfect Greek:

we can speak in Greek if you want

Redon, an Albanian, was raised in Greece, but he is now back to his country, Albania, where he pioneers the development of Free Software structures. He kindly asked us how OpenLabs could become an LPI Affiliate and how we could cultivate a mutual cooperation between GreekLUG and OpenLabs.

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OSCAL & Fosscomm 2014

I’m very excited of being invited to Albania, at the first Open Source Conference – OSCAL. Although I have to be back in Greece before the end of this very interesting conference, due to a personal obligation, I will be present and some fellows will stay back in Tirana for a successfull representation of GREEKLUG and LPI Greece, helping LPI Albania to its first steps.

The bus ticket costs nothing, €52 from Thessaloniki, returning, and most hotels in Tirana are high quality with normal price. I encourage everyone from greek Free Software Communities to attend the event, which will take place 3-4 May 2014.

Unfortunately I’ll miss Fosscomm 2014 at Lamia which takes place around the same days. If it happens you stay in Greece during that time, you should visit Central Greece region for the conference. Travelling with national railways is nowdays cheaper than ever, so that will not be a problem. I wish the best for Fosscomm 2014.