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Blogs upgraded! More information on the wiki

The upgrade of the blogging platform has been performed successfully, thanks for your patience!

Warning: depending on the level of customisation of your blog, you might need to make some adjustments: please read the intructions at the page http://wiki.fsfe.org/Blogs/WP3.

You can find general information about the Fellowship blogs service at

Happy blogging!


2 Responses to “Blogs upgraded! More information on the wiki”

  1. adridg Says:

    Upgraded to what? Which version? That would have been useful to include in this blog post alongside pointing to the wiki.

  2. admin Says:

    We upgraded to wordpress 3.0.1, and of course :-) after a couple of days 3.0.2 was released, so we are now running 3.0.2.

    Another thing we didn’t mention: we also migrated the site to new hardware, so overall you might find working on your blog a bit faster than before.

    Let us know if you find any problems!