E-mail currently down

After a power failure yesterday at the data centre that hosts FSFE’s servers, the mail server did not reboot correctly. As a consequence, mails sent to @fsfe.org addresses are bouncing at the moment. FSFE’s system administrators are working hard to fix the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience.

As soon as we have a good estimate for when services will be restored, we will post it here.

4 thoughts on “E-mail currently down

  1. Until now (Tuesday, May 6th 2010 at 10.05 pm) the problem is not solved.
    It was a really big failure, I suppose…


  2. That’pretty absurd.
    Two days have passed and the problem is still here.
    I hope no mail will be lost and i hope FSFE’s sysadmin will fix soon. How much time is needed to solve a server failure… c’mon…

  3. Hi All,
    I’m receiving all the backlog of my emails… seems it has started to work again. Thanks all the sysops for the effort.


  4. I would also like to thank the sysops for their efforts, but I would also like to know what can be done to insure that future issues do not cause such long outage.

    I belong to the group of fellows which use their @fsfe.org as the primary mail account to show our affiliation to the FSFE. 2 days without E-Mail service is quite an inconvenience.

    I’m aware that most of efforts are delivered by volunteers so it’s unreasonable to expect professional SLA quality service. But if such service would be offered via an FSFE partner, I would like to buy into it.

    My primary question for this news item is:
    Where could we discuss making services provided by the FSFE highly available?