Welcome to my FSFE blog! I’m  Alina, a Romanian (and I am very proud of this) and an adopted Catalan ( because I have been living in Catalan Countries (Barcelona) since December 2007) Free Software advocate. During the last 6 years I have dedicated a big part of my time to Free Software: learning what it is talk about, using free software, studying its philosophy and then by advocating.
I’m advocating also for an open web (or the freedom of the web, as I like to say) and for open standards, actively contributing on community side at projects like Mozilla and collaborating with associations as Softcatalà. Now I’m working as an Intern for the Free Software Foundation Europe, being focused on community building and marketing and free software policy and education at European level. I’m dedicating a little part of my time on writing news for European Open Source Observatory (because I’m convinced that Open Source adoption on Public Bodies really mater and it is very important for the future of Europe Economy).

As a Mozillian I’m focused on the community side, helping in community marketing efforts and spreading the word about Mozilla Mission.

I’m also giving presentations at different local and regional events and I’ve been participated at different international events as: eLiberatica, FOSDEM .

Feel free to contact me or to follow me on Linkedin or Identi.ca .