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Release congratulations

Some days, there’s just too much new software out there at once. Not only has a pony escaped (I met Kushal last in Bangalore), but a tiger is on the prowl (Gökmen, Negril), and KOffice (I know the last time I met Cyrille it was in a large bar, multi-storied, all wood paneling and such and Boudewijn was there as well but I have no clue what year or even what country it might have been in).


2 Responses to “Release congratulations”

  1. Kushal Das Says:

    Thank you :)
    Hope to meet you soon :)

  2. adridg Says:

    The Reg picked up the KOffice release as well, , with a semi-snide shot at the KDE 4.0 less-features release. Ah well.