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Mini booth-box

I regularly visit fairs or attend development sprints, and in the course of a few years I’ve gathered together something I call a “mini booth-box”. It’s a plastic crate full of odds and ends that are invariably useful at an event; I can either take the whole box or cherry-pick from it for specific events. Like at FOSDEM this year, where I packed 2 19″ flatscreens, a Sun Ray, two keyboards and mice and a laptop into my backpack. Forgetting, of course, the required switch and stuff. Well, the best-laid plans …

Anyway, here’s a list of what’s in that crate, in the hope that it might be helpful for someone else.

Networking: A 24-port hub and its power lead; a 5-port switch and its wall wart; a WRT54GL and its wall wart; a crossover cable; 25m, 10m, 2x5m and a 2m straight UTP cables. Video: DVD-D dual link cable; VGA D-sub cable. DVI-I to D-sub adapter. Input: PS/2 mini-size keyboard; USB keyboard; USB mouse. Misc: 1GB USB stick; bluetooth dongle; 1m eSATA cable; 1.5m USB A-B cable; 1.5m USB A-mini cable; Nokia phone carger (mini-connector). 4-socket power strip. UK-Euro plug adapter.

I know some of that is redundant, overly specialized or just crap, but it serves its purpose of giving me a one-stop shop in house for picking up equipment when going to a fair. I just hope I didn’t forget anything. The Sun Ray thin client doesn’t travel in the box, but it does good service at stands if I want to use my laptop while at the same time leaving the laptop at the booth for display / demonstration purposes.

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4 Responses to “Mini booth-box”

  1. Christophe Fergeau Says:

    For what it’s worth, here is the content of the gnome event box which serves a similar purpose to yours:

  2. adridg Says:

    Thanks! There is, of course, also the official KDE booth box – this crate is just my own to support going to fairs and shows as well.

  3. A. L. Spehr Says:

    Something we’ve found useful in the USA: a USB plugin pointer that lets you hit “next” on your slides. It shows up as a keyboard, so no config needed. Works great for presentations so you aren’t stuck behind a podium somewhere.

  4. adridg Says:

    Come to think of it, I’ve even got one of those lying around — laser pointer plus a mouse scrollwheel is what is becomes. Remember to put extra batteries in the box, though.