Tonnerre Lombard

FFII’s coordinator for Switzerland

Call for Papers for CoSin 2010

On July 9th to 11th, the Chaos Singularity (CoSin) is taking place for the 5th time.

The Chaos Singularity is an event with presentations, workshops, discussions and information about technology, internet politics and geek culture. It is organized annually by the Chaos Computer Club Zurich (CCCZH) and Chaostreff Basel.

You’re invited to submit talks and workshops for CoSin until June 30 through CCC’s Pentabarf system.

As always, the CoSin is taking place at the Kulturzentrum Bremgarten (KuZeB), Z├╝rcher-/Zugerstrasse, 5620 Bremgarten, Switzerland. Everybody with an interest in technology is invited to join. For more information please refer to the CoSin Call for Papers.