Leashes for our necks and whips for our backs

US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet

It goes on and on and on, ever deeper down the rabbit hole.

The fact that we can no longer rely on and trust commonly known encryption technologies is downright scary, and should bring every single corporation on the planet up in arms. We should be experiencing a tsunami of dissatisfied companies withdrawing from using hosted services in both the UK and US. Heck they should be moving in mass away from Windows and OS X and towards the only trustworthy alternatives: Linux and/or BSD.

But are we seeing this movement happening? I think not. For some odd reason it’s just business as usual. Is this perhaps because the subject matter at hand is too complex for the average shareholder? Or is it that the generic CEO/CTO of large corporations are already under the heel and that they dare not disturb what is considered equilibrium?

The same goes for governments around the globe. I can only assume that the complete lack of opposition to these programs is because they’re all in it together. Just this morning I heard that Sweden supposedly is one of the greatest allies of the US in their crusade against the internet and our most basic privacy rights.

Sweden. Of all places.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and assume that the Danish government is equally bad, seeing that not a single Danish politician is up in arms. They are all very quiet. Eerily so in fact.

The worst part is that all this really isn’t a surprise to me. Deep down I’ve always known that big government is bad, and that amassing large amounts of power in one place will always lead to one thing: Corruption. So all this really isn’t a huge surprise. What is new is that the fears I’ve voiced most of my adult life are now being confirmed. My worst tinfoil hat suspicions are all turning out to be true. So there. It is one thing knowing things are bad, it’s a different thing entirely knowing that things are bad.

What really scares me is that these programs rely on two fundamental things:

1. A sufficiently large group of highly intelligent engineers who’re willing to whore themselves and their abilities out to these programs.

2. A political environment, encompassing the entire range of political opinion, where it is accepted and perhaps even viewed as necessary, to spy on everybody. I refuse to believe that it is possible to keep these MASSIVE programs secret. I will assume that every single politician on the planet is corrupt to the core, and in opposition of its own electorate. I will assume this, and my assumption will probably be correct.

Reason number 1 saddens me to no end. The fact that so many intelligent people are participating in such evil and rotten violations of the rights of their fellow citizens is beyond belief. The fact that it apparently has taken many years for one Edward Snowden to appear is amazingly sad. Why wasn’t this leaked to the public the instant some ass-hat politician proposed the idea of mass-scale spying on everybody and the breaking of one the pillars of the internet to an engineer?

Reason number two really doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Government is corrupt everywhere, and people believing otherwise are just plain stupid. What is sad is that a huge amount of people are so endeared to the thought of a large motherly government, that they utterly refuse to accept the fact that they are merely cattle for the grinder. You don’t matter to your beloved government, so please stop giving them more power. Stop letting the bastards buy you for the snake-oil that is the allure of “safe, secure and cared for”. You’re not only betraying yourself, you’re betraying us all.

By far the biggest problem with all this is not the fact that they are spying on us, or that this is the largest industrial espionage program ever conceived, no the absolute worst part is that secret agencies now most certainly are aware of, and perhaps even actively pursuing, the dirty laundry of the people that are in “power”.

Let that sink in.

Some random secret agency knows the most inner secrets of the very people that pay their salaries and keep them in business.

I will claim that that is probably why the shakers and movers of the intelligence business are never fired or dishonorably removed from their positions. That is probably why the leadership of NSA hasn’t been thrown in jail.

Is that the world we want? A world where shadow agencies run amok and where our hard-earned taxes are being used to fund leashes for our necks and whips for our backs?

For sure it is not the world I want. The question then is: What can we do about it?