MediaGoblin, an emerging free and open media publishing platform

I’ve already tried to raise awareness about GNU MediaGoblin at my Google+ stream using the #mediagoblin hashtag and as you can see there is some activity going on. But not enough. I wonder why that is. There’s a lot of open source people hanging out in the Google+ sphere, but judging from the relatively quiet #mediagoblin hashtag, they don’t much care for having a free and open source media publishing platform.

It is rather sad I think.

I’m guessing that most of us people are fully aware of MediaGoblin and their current fundraising campaign, but on the off chance that one of you have missed it completely, here goes: Please go support MediaGoblin. Most of us can easily spare a few $, and if not then at least help spread the word. Lets do our best to make MediaGoblin a new household word. Post about it on Google+, facebook, twitter, – wherever you hang out. You might hate social websites such as Google+ like the plague, but understand that they can also be used to spread knowledge about free and open software. It’s not all bad.

Lets do our best to make the #mediagoblin hashtag fly!