Akihabara 360 degrees: AKB360

akb360-01-th.pngAkihabara. Tech-mecca. Place of longing for whole generations of video gamers, tech nerds, manga and anime fans alike. Birthplace of the the famous otaku syndrome. An area in Tokyo, about 5 minutes to the north east from Tokyo station, Akihabara is famous for its abundance of small and large shops selling electronic and computer goods. As a vast area of department stores, video game arcades and manga caf├ęs centered around “Akihabara Electric Town”, Akiba is also a number one destination for most foreign tourists visiting Tokyo, many of which leave with the latest Nintendo or Sony console tucked under their arm.

Before you book a flight to Tokyo and dive into the tech jungle, though, check out AKB360, a product by Japanese web development company DON Inc. released early this year. AKB360 lets you explore Akihabara pretty much in the same way as Google Streetview, with one important difference: in AKB360 you can actually walk into buildings as if you were really there… [...]