Welcome at fsfe.org

fsfe-smartcard.jpgA little more than a year has passed since I switched from WordPress to Movable Type and re-launched this blog at chayx.net. Since then, things have been somewhat quiet around here. Real life has been keeping me busy and didn’t leave nearly as much time as I would have needed to keep the blog running. Although Movable Type took a lot of worry off my shoulders in terms of security and updates, I never got around to posting the things I would have liked, simply because running your own website is always a lot of work… [...]

Emily Chen on GNOME and free software in Asia

emily_chen.jpgSeeing how this year’s GNOME & KDE Desktop Summit was held in Berlin, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to go and meet some of the people behind the great software we use every day. The Desktop Summit is a huge event for GNOME, KDE and free software communities, and is sponsored by some big names in the tech industry, like Intel, Canonical, Google and Red Hat. This year’s desktop summit saw some important announcements for the KDE community, such as plans to support Wayland by 2012 and the announcement of KDE Frameworks 5.0.

But fans of GNOME weren’t left out. Especially Emily Chen’s presentation on the development of GNOME in Asia was fascinating. Emily, who works as a software engineer for Oracle in China, is the organiser and founder of GNOME.Asia and the Beijing GNOME User Group. She is also involved with the Mozilla Community where she works on Firefox and Thunderbird. I met with Emily after her talk to hear more about the state of GNOME and open source software in Asia… [...]

Akihabara 360 degrees: AKB360

akb360-01-th.pngAkihabara. Tech-mecca. Place of longing for whole generations of video gamers, tech nerds, manga and anime fans alike. Birthplace of the the famous otaku syndrome. An area in Tokyo, about 5 minutes to the north east from Tokyo station, Akihabara is famous for its abundance of small and large shops selling electronic and computer goods. As a vast area of department stores, video game arcades and manga caf├ęs centered around “Akihabara Electric Town”, Akiba is also a number one destination for most foreign tourists visiting Tokyo, many of which leave with the latest Nintendo or Sony console tucked under their arm.

Before you book a flight to Tokyo and dive into the tech jungle, though, check out AKB360, a product by Japanese web development company DON Inc. released early this year. AKB360 lets you explore Akihabara pretty much in the same way as Google Streetview, with one important difference: in AKB360 you can actually walk into buildings as if you were really there… [...]