Simple R package for UN Comtrade API

I have recently been doing a lot of work in R, a statistical programming language, and have started accumulating a small collection of functions that I regularly use. One of the tools I have particularly come to rely on is this function to obtain data from the United Nation’s Comtrade database, a great source for country-to-country trade statistics. Since there seemed to be no R package that provides access to their new API (which is still in beta), I simply wrote a function for myself based on the sample code on their homepage and kept it with my personal files. Motivated by posts like this, however, I decided to put the code into an R package and share it here for others to use. [...]

Gallery app for Android 5 Lollipop

If you have recently updated your Android device to the latest Android version 5 “Lollipop“, you may have noticed that the “Gallery” app has been replaced by Google’s brand-new “Photos” app which depends on Google Plus. If you don’t like the idea of linking your photos to Google’s social network, or if you have disabled/uninstalled the Google Plus app altogether, there is a way to get back the familiar Gallery app without compiling it yourself by pulling it from a CyanogenMod image. Here is how. [...]