GnuPG-encrypted mail forwarding for remote systems

Ever since I started using Fail2ban and Logwatch to monitor unauthorized login attempts and system logs on my server, I have been looking for an easy way to regularly receive encrypted status reports from both programmes by email. After playing around with gpg-mailgate for some time (useful tutorial here), I decided to opt for a simpler solution and told both programmes to send their reports to a specific user on my system. These messages are then retrieved by a simple cron script and emailed to me at regular intervals. Here is how I did it … [...]

Clamassassin Wrapper script for Evolution and Sylpheed

While viruses on Linux are rare, I have always found it a sensible precaution to scan incoming messages for malware. It helps me weed out the occasional Windows virus that gets sent my way and keeps me from forwarding malicious attachments to friends. A common feature to most antivirus software for Windows, email scanning can be easily set up for most email clients on Linux. Plugins for ClamAV are available for Thunderbird and Claws Mail , so set-up is fairly straightforward here, but the same functionality can be added to Evolution and Sylpheed by use of a simple bash script. Note that you will need to have the necessary packages installed (sudo apt-get install clamtk clamassassin clamav-daemon clamav-testfiles clamav-docs) in all cases. Experts may also want to configure the ClamAV daemon (sudo dpkg-reconfigure clamav-base) for faster access to ClamAV … [...]