Android phones & East Asian language support

android-robot.pngUntil a few years ago, if you frequently travelled to Asia or wanted to send a message in an East Asian language, you usually had no choice but to buy a mobile phone from the country you’re communicating with. At that time, only a limited number of phones were capable of handling Unicode and displaying East Asian character sets. Thankfully, with the advent of smart phones, and especially Google’s open source Android operating system, this has changed, and mobile phones have become much more international. Today it is possible to have one mobile phone and install support for a whole set of different languages. Basically everything you need to know to fully convert your phone to Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other language… [...]

Akihabara 360 degrees: AKB360

akb360-01-th.pngAkihabara. Tech-mecca. Place of longing for whole generations of video gamers, tech nerds, manga and anime fans alike. Birthplace of the the famous otaku syndrome. An area in Tokyo, about 5 minutes to the north east from Tokyo station, Akihabara is famous for its abundance of small and large shops selling electronic and computer goods. As a vast area of department stores, video game arcades and manga caf├ęs centered around “Akihabara Electric Town”, Akiba is also a number one destination for most foreign tourists visiting Tokyo, many of which leave with the latest Nintendo or Sony console tucked under their arm.

Before you book a flight to Tokyo and dive into the tech jungle, though, check out AKB360, a product by Japanese web development company DON Inc. released early this year. AKB360 lets you explore Akihabara pretty much in the same way as Google Streetview, with one important difference: in AKB360 you can actually walk into buildings as if you were really there… [...]