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I am slowly getting Plasma

I now have a nice SVG clock thing floating around my desktop.

I started to get the hang of Plasma after visiting the official Plasma website.  I went there to find documentation, but the documentation page actually states "Plasma development has just begun. As it nears it’s completed form, user documentation will appear here in addition to shipping with KDE."  Poor Shane.

I didn’t give up, and I wandered around reading the vision and about the elements. I got the overarching concept and remembered I had read these (unchanged) pages about six months ago.  However, I still don’t know what to do with my file icons on the desktop.  I miss drag and drop. 

Adriaan from KDE has been following my progress on his blog (here and here and here).  So far he has resisted any temptation there may have been to hit me with a chair.  It’s nice to know he tolerates political scientists randomly installing code and complaining non-stop for a week.

I’m still in love with Dolphin.  I would like to use Koffice again as well.  Maybe I’ll try creating a new document in it tomorrow.