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I’m not dead

Goodness me, a complete office day has finished and KDE 4 is chugging along nicely.

What went right?  Well, a lot.  It was smooth, fast and did not crash. I like the interface.  Dolphin is a pleasure (apart from its weird habit of sending error messages after successfully opening files) and I can work out how to change any setting I don’t like.  Performance on average appears to be at least twice that of GNOME 2.22.

What went wrong?  I noticed another slight bug in the interface, this time with Bittorrent downloads.  Some kind of distorted icon thing appeared in the system tray on the taskbar (a download indicator?) but it’s obviously crashed or non-functional, so I have a persistent mess of random pixels in one system tray location.  No doubt this will disappear when I reboot.

My productivity was a little lower than Friday.  Sometimes I would have to spend a couple of seconds working out how to do something with the new interface.  However, I doubt I lost more than five minutes throughout the day.  I don’t expect any productivity reduction at all tomorrow.

Overall, I’m happy. It’s my birthday, so I’ll regard this nice new desktop as a present from KDE.  Let’s see what happens next (I’m such a tough customer).

If this week works out, do we need to create a "Freedom Task Force: Powered by KDE 4" logo?