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It’s been almost 10 years. Well, I am cheating a little bit, since my real other blog, which I used until 2011 or so, has just moved somewhere I can’t reach anymore, and the DNS just points to the nothingness… 😉 (actually, if anyone is aware of where/who could have old kollide.net files, I’d be really grateful)

Much has happened in the past 3/4 years. I turned 24. I co-founded a company (Ispirata) and left it one year after foundation, giving up all my links and participation in it, in order to finish my studies. A few months ago I got a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and two weeks ago I started my Master Degree, in the top Italian university for scientific research. I have been doing research at CERN and launched WikiFM, an open science/training project, now actively used by some of the top Italian universities (although we’re getting international as I write!), which got sponsored by Wikimedia Italy, and recently became the first project incubated by KDE. I also moved to Sweden for a few months to refine my studies and got my own place in Milano.

WikiFM is the project that is currently giving me the greatest satisfactions, with some recent big happening which will greatly contribute to its success (teaser!). Much of the content is unfortunately -for now- in Italian only, but as I stated above we are deep in the process of internationalizing it (with the help of the great KDE Sysadmin team), in an implementation which will become very similar to Wikimedia’s multidomain approach. For the English-speaking user (and for the broader community) I am writing a proper announcement. However, I don’t want to spoil my next post, so I will keep the publication of the announcement for as soon as we manage to open en.wikifm.org; the deadline for this is the 17th of April.

If, in the meantime, there is anybody who is knowledgeable about CSS and/or Mediawiki (development and/or sysadminning) and/or Python+LaTeX, and has a couple of hours (I promise, no more than that) to spend to help a Free Software project, that would speed things up immensely. Just comment here, drop me a line, or, even better, join the WikiFM mailing list (created today!).

That was all for now, KDE! I missed you a lot. <3 =)