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FSFE in Rainews

I’m a little shy to begin my blogging with some self-promotion, but you may consider that this is an FS-related news item in the press, and it may be a useful reference to point to. Or not…

After the news item about by new role as vice-presidente of FSFE, I was interviewed by (in Italian).

My friends, those used to my ramblings, noted is that my answers are obvious, but the questions are interesting.  The journalist is a free software user (desktop, raspberry, …), though not as involved as the typical FSFE supporter, and he asked these questions, thinking about his readership:

  • Would FS even exist without cell phone adoption.
  • What is FSFE in relation to FSF.
  • Why the rules about procurement are not obeyed much.
  • What about free hardware. Maybe Arduino can be the bait.
  • Volunteer, sponsored or financed by the public.

I fear my friends are right, these are the questions we must answer, if we want our commitment and efforts to be useful for society at large.