A Short Excursion into the Estonian Language and its Corpus Planning as it relates to Free Software


The written form of Estonian language is standardised to a large extent, and while standardising a language – a living, developing phenomenon – is mostly nonsense, especially if the existence of standard rules becomes an excuse for schools to treat perfectly understandable and logically constructed sentences as deficient, it is desirable to have […]

Koolitunnid Facebooki? Ei (et)

Kirjutis on avaldatud ka 9. novembri Õpetajate Lehes.

26. oktoobri Õpetajate Lehes kirjutab Rein Sikk (“Kõik õpetajad, Facebooki!”), mis kasu võib endaga kaasa tuua koolipersonali Facebooki kolimine. Samas kirjeldab ta ka, kuidas ta ise osaliselt Facebooki vahendusel meediaõpetuse kursust läbi viis. On küll tore lugeda, mis kasu võib Interneti ja modernsete suhtluskeskkondade kasutamine […]

FSFE PDF readers sprint at Akademy 2012

On July 4th, I will host a PDF readers sprint in Tallinn, Estonia, at Akademy 2012, the KDE summit. Everyone is invited to partake and help locate, remove, and replace advertisements for proprietary software on the websites of public bodies.

The event is part of FSFE’s effort to stop public bodies from restricting […]

LinuxTag Akademy 2012

Recently I had a chance to visit Berlin – LinuxTag and FSFE’s GPL compliance workshop took place there –, and thus I was able to meet, and I met, a lot of great people associated with Free Software. My stay in Berlin was wonderful (especially c-base and the night we had there), and I […]

The Web Trap

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

The issue of code distributed via the World Wide Web for client side execution by the browser has been briefly considered in the Free Software context by Richard Stallman. However, his analysis has been largely limited to JavaScript and […]