Manchester Cryptoparty on Dec 7, 2013

Many days have passed since my first visit to Manchester, England, where I visited a cryptoparty organised by FSFE Manchester group and Open Rights Group Manchester. On our side this meant mainly Anna Morris; I was simply interested in observing a functioning Fellowship, or local, group in action and meeting a few UK Fellows […]

LinuxTag Akademy 2012

Recently I had a chance to visit Berlin – LinuxTag and FSFE’s GPL compliance workshop took place there –, and thus I was able to meet, and I met, a lot of great people associated with Free Software. My stay in Berlin was wonderful (especially c-base and the night we had there), and I […]

Call for FSFE Fellowship quotes

The following e-mail was sent to the discussion@ mailing list:

“Dear Fellows subscribed to this list,

“As you ought to know, FSFE has recently added donor quotes to its front page. (If you have not seen those quotes yet, take a look at <>.) These quotes are good reasons to support the Foundation. However, they […]