Upgrading Asus Z97V RAM to 8 GB

This is a quick post for the benefit of other Asus Z97V owners out there who might be contemplating a RAM upgrade.

For some weird reason (money? – buy a new computer; do not upgrade individual components), computer manufacturers appear to occasionally claim that their machines support less RAM than they actually do. This is certainly true for Asus Z97V, which claims to support a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. Now 4 GB is fine for lots of things; however, 4 GB can be inadequate when one is forced to do CAD modelling in a virtualised environment.

As I am forced to do CAD modelling in a virtual machine, I was looking for a RAM upgrade a few weeks ago. To my dismay, both Asus and Crucial claimed that the Z97V does not support more than 4 GB of RAM. However, my Z97V’s DMI table claimed that the maximum RAM supported by the machine was in fact 8 GB. After contacting Crucial, who maintained that the Z97V does not support more than 4 GB of RAM, I decided to test their claim. As of writing this, my system has been able to utilise the 8 GB of RAM for a few weeks (and has occasionally utilised almost all of the available RAM), and hence I feel confident in saying that Asus and Crucial were sorely mistaken.

I have written to Crucial who were happy that my system was running fine and promised to pass my information along to their technician, so that they could repeat the experiment and update their information. I hope that one day Crucial will claim that Asus Z97V happily takes 8 GB of RAM and hence stop assisting Asus in their deception. I also hope that this post might be of use to other Z97V owners contemplating a RAM upgrade.

An unrelated addendum: photorealistic rendering in a virtual machine is a real pain in the arse.