FSFE PDF readers sprint at Akademy 2012

On July 4th, I will host a PDF readers sprint in Tallinn, Estonia, at Akademy 2012, the KDE summit. Everyone is invited to partake and help locate, remove, and replace advertisements for proprietary software on the websites of public bodies.

The event is part of FSFE’s effort to stop public bodies from restricting the users’ freedom and unfairly distorting the competition in favour of certain proprietary software makers. As part of the event, participants will be introduced to finding offending sites, contacting offending sites, listing offending sites on the FSFE web site, and keeping track of responses to the memoranda to offenders.

There are no prerequisites to participate. However, if possible, participants should bring along a working laptop in order to search for offending sites. Up-to-date knowledge of the laws regarding the obligation to reply to memoranda (does such an obligation exist, what language must be used for the memorandum, whether the sender must be a citizen of the country, length of the response period, etc) in each participant’s home country would be useful too.

Participants are asked to register for Akademy beforehand, and I would appreciate getting a heads up at repentinus at fsfe dot org. All questions should also be directed at me using the e-mail address given above.

The event will be held on the 4th of July in the Estonian IT College, room 227 from 4PM to (presumably) 6PM local time. Information regarding the venue and travelling there can be found on the Akademy website.