Google has become a little pervert

Google has invented a new language – Googlerese –, and they claim it to be the best possible language. And I have to agree to a certain extent: Googlerese is the second best possible language (the first being ROT-13 obviously) to express naughty perverted thoughts. During the Code Jam Google harassed me with the following sentences (translated into English for your convenience):

  • Case #8: next time wont you sing with me
  • Case #12: right i forgot here in the states you call it a sausage in the mouth
  • Case #14: you know you want to
  • Case #19: oh nooooo goggalor is headed for the orphanage
  • Case #20: oh my god lets make out
  • Case #21: oh yeah alright were gonna shake it up with the party bear tonight
  • Case #22: i have bested fruit spike and moon now i shall best you the guy
  • Case #23: you pissed off the chicken lady

While most of the sexual innuendo and unwanted attention from Google can be understood – the search engine has achieved sentience, and now happens to be madly in love with me –, #19 appears to be more sinister, and probably should be reported to the authorities. Any experience reporting sentient search engines to the feds?

If you participated in the Code Jam qualification round, please share the love in the comments.