Background for future changes to membership in FSFE e.V.

At the general assembly in October the Executive Council sought the members’ consent to simplify and streamline the route to membership in FSFE e.V. The members gave it, and as a consequence, the Executive Council will prepare a constitutional amendment to remove the institution of Fellowship Representatives at the next general assembly. If this constitutional […] Removal of SumatraPDF due to inclusion of non-free code

Recently, the team has removed a PDF reader called SumatraPDF from the list of free PDF readers due to presence of non-free code in the software. We were notified of the problem by a community member and have attempted to resolve this with the developer. Unfortunately, they have not been receptive to our […]

A Short Excursion into the Estonian Language and its Corpus Planning as it relates to Free Software


The written form of Estonian language is standardised to a large extent, and while standardising a language – a living, developing phenomenon – is mostly nonsense, especially if the existence of standard rules becomes an excuse for schools to treat perfectly understandable and logically constructed sentences as deficient, it is desirable to have […]

Manchester Cryptoparty on Dec 7, 2013

Many days have passed since my first visit to Manchester, England, where I visited a cryptoparty organised by FSFE Manchester group and Open Rights Group Manchester. On our side this meant mainly Anna Morris; I was simply interested in observing a functioning Fellowship, or local, group in action and meeting a few UK Fellows […]

Upgrading Asus Z97V RAM to 8 GB

This is a quick post for the benefit of other Asus Z97V owners out there who might be contemplating a RAM upgrade. For some weird reason (money? – buy a new computer; do not upgrade individual components), computer manufacturers appear to occasionally claim that their machines support less RAM than they actually do. This is […]

FSFE PDF readers sprint at Akademy 2012

On July 4th, I will host a PDF readers sprint in Tallinn, Estonia, at Akademy 2012, the KDE summit. Everyone is invited to partake and help locate, remove, and replace advertisements for proprietary software on the websites of public bodies.

The event is part of FSFE’s effort to stop public bodies from restricting […]

LinuxTag Akademy 2012

Recently I had a chance to visit Berlin – LinuxTag and FSFE’s GPL compliance workshop took place there –, and thus I was able to meet, and I met, a lot of great people associated with Free Software. My stay in Berlin was wonderful (especially c-base and the night we had there), and I […]

Google has become a little pervert

Google has invented a new language – Googlerese –, and they claim it to be the best possible language. And I have to agree to a certain extent: Googlerese is the second best possible language (the first being ROT-13 obviously) to express naughty perverted thoughts. During the Code Jam Google harassed me with the […]

Indictment: Prologue or The Shackles of the People, by the People, for the People, Shall Perish from the Earth

> I will close my ears, I don’t need to hear, > what I am and what I’m not. > They’re not competent to say such things, > ’cause they don’t know me after all, > but in the end I’m still ahead, > I get to do just what I like. > The thought […]

Call for FSFE Fellowship quotes

The following e-mail was sent to the discussion@ mailing list:

“Dear Fellows subscribed to this list,

“As you ought to know, FSFE has recently added donor quotes to its front page. (If you have not seen those quotes yet, take a look at <>.) These quotes are good reasons to support the Foundation. However, they […]