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Meeting with Rainer Kersten on the 10th of January 2008

Hi all fellows,

two years after becoming a Fellows I found something that was of interest for this Blog ! And that’s pretty much of something since I had the pleasure to host Rainer Kersten, the one that runs FSFE’s Düsseldorf office.

On his quantic and probabilistic way between Spain and Germany, his car WayOfLife lead him to my home, in the mountains above Grenoble. You can see it in front of the house :

A 2cv in Saint-Agnan en Vercors Rainer’s customized Way Of Life as he says.

He arrived in the afternoon after many SMS written while following the many curves of the road, after having thought I was laughing at him while recommending passing through Die (wich didn’t reflect any bad intention from me, but the actual name of a town ;-).

It’s always a very nice experience to meet people you only know by some of their acts, and you increase the chances things turn right when the common thing is about Free Software, because you know each other will have something to do with Freedom.

We had many talks, and surprisingly we talked about FSFE in the end, after a few hours of discussion ! Especially about other people he personnaly nows and I don’t (easy, I only know one personnaly now : him :-). He gave me the pin every Fellow that had met someone from the office has, and this small object already gave many occasions to talk about FSFE.

Finally he stayed home for the night, and we were able to share a bottle of Rioja that he brought back from Spain, and an excerpt of French food science consisting of some duck and ravioles (no typo here).

The morning after, he gave a wonderful present to the kids (and in some way the father too) offering me to drive the children to school in his car wayoflife :

2cv drei kinder

Our arrival to school was remarked as you may imagine !

Thank you for visiting me Rainer, it was a good time. I hope I’ll be able to get occasions to get closer of the FSFE people in the coming times.


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