Installing MediaGoblin on FreeBSD

GNU MediaGoblin is a web application for hosting and sharing media. At 57North Hacklab, we currently have a Flickr group but to post to Flickr it is necessary to have a Yahoo! account and this seems like an unreasonable requirement to impose on members that want to share photos. This led to me setting up Read more »

Streaming APRS data over XMPP

I’ve recently started playing with radios again and I’ve been looking mainly at packet radio. APRS is a system which uses amateur radio to transmit position reports, weather reports, and messages between users. There is an Internet backbone for APRS called APRS-IS that can be used to access a filtered feed of APRS broadcasts. I Read more »

Debian Med Sprint 2014

Last weekend, I attended the Debian Med Sprint for 2014 in Stonehaven, Aberdeen. The event was essentially an unconference hackathon with a few untalks. On the Saturday, I participated in Andreas‘ live packaging session where we packaged seqtk and dnaclust. I found the documentation for dnaclust and produced a man page for inclusion in the Read more »

Dreaming of a secure browser

The web used to be simple. It used to be a place where you could go and find reference materials, news and discussions about just about anything. All this content was wrapped up in HTML, maybe with some CSS to give it a tidier look, and served over HTTP. Unfortunately this is no longer the Read more »

Full disk encryption on OpenBSD 5.3

Full disk encryption is becoming (it should always have been) more popular. When your laptop gets stolen, a login password is only a minor inconvenience to a hacker trying to steal your identity. Pop in a live CD or USB stick with Knoppix or Backtrack (or in fact basically any Linux distribution) and all your Read more »