Open Standards and Interoperability – Two cheers for EU ICT ministers

The EU’s member states have just thrown their weight behind the principles of Open Standards and interoperability. At a meeting of the ministers for telecommunication and information society in Granada, Spain, the ministers of the 27 EU member states yesterday issued the Granada Ministerial Declaration on the European Digital Agenda [pdf]. This is not a Read more »

EIFv2: EC breaks interop, then bows to public protest?

This week, Dutch journalist Brenno de Winter published a leaked draft for a new version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). The current version of the EIF, from 2004, has been referenced around the world as a prime example of how public administrations can make use of Open Standards and Free Software in order to Read more »

The case for independence – Oracle, Sun and what to do with MySQL [updated]

MySQL is the stumbling block for Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Negotiations between Oracle and the European Commission are stuck. FSFE offers a way out: Put an independent non-profit fiduciary in control of MySQL. This will preserve competition, while assuring Oracle that while they can’t get MySQL, no one else will either.