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Gross Keyboard Scum (and other important stuff)


I met Mike Little for a coffee the other day. He is one of the founders of WordPress and main organiser of the Manchester WordPress User Group. I was pondering various things we had discussed about improving Free Software group collaboration in Manchester through events such as our CryptoParty – as I was doing this I was running his business card along the gaps in my keyboard back and forth, without really looking at what I was doing…. and look what came out!! All sorts of grossness that I never knew existed. The moral of this story is that when Manchester Groups work together, all the grossness can be cleared away and our minds and hearts (and keyborards) will be free from cat hair and biscuit crumbs once more! Or something like that….

Anyway – watch this space for a suuuper freeeking cool collaboration between FSFE-Mcr and MWUG coming soon… it will blow your minds I promise!! 🙂