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kdenlive image clips always wrong size – part two

Hi, this post part two of a thread relating to a forum post on the kdenlive forums here where I am discussing the issue of image clips. Part one is here.

So I now see that if I import a video clip, choose the recommended profile suggested by kdenlive, and then add a image clip from the same camera then the problem desists:

there are the settings and here is the image showing perfectly

however, then photos from other cameras have the problem: here are ones from my phone, my nikon coolpix and my webcam:

Also, my pink clip which is 1080 x 1440 looks the same:

I accept that I may be a little slow on the uptake with understanding this, and that, as I am not from a video background, I don’t know much about the size that pictures are supposed to be – however,

a) I still think there must be a more attractive way for kdenlive to handle the issue and

b) There needs to be a clear manual somewhere relating to this issue for other people like me (of which there are many!). I am happy to write it if i have help!