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KDE4 on OSOL bumps

A bit of a belated thanks to Albert and Frederik for providing information about updates in dependencies needed for KDE4 — even trunk things as it works towards the 4.6.0 release of Plasma Desktop and the KDE applications.That kind of "heads up!" makes it much easier to keep the whole software stack up-to-date. Shortly after reading their blog entries, I updated (attica) or added (ebook-tools) specfiles to the specfile repository for 4.6.0. ebook-tools needed libzip, which as far as I could tell wasn’t available yet either (caveat: Oracle basically stopped updating all the package repositories and the SourceJuicer efforts, so the past four months have seen total stagnation on the official front for software packages, so it’s possible that someone else has already packaged the stuff elsewhere). Anyway, it’s appreciated, and those packages will affect the next package release on OpenSolaris.

We’ve just bumped the build to KDE 4.5.68 snapshot (in the -460 repository; the -450 one remains at 4.5.1). The builds haven’t finished shaking out yet, though. We’ve rolled a Phonon 4.4.3 tarball (apropos tarballs, I really enjoy reading Valorie Zimmerman’s blog for a reminder of what it’s like to start out in developerland) from git for internal use. QScintilla and the Python bindings for it have been added. Those aren’t directly useful in KDE, but they’re nice to have. I have tried a bunch more PyQt applications and they all seem to work ok, so I’m declaring those bindings "good enough."

Bug reports and patches can go into KDE’s bugzilla, with the OS set to Solaris.