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Another round of OSOL builds for KDE4

After a few upgrades on various desktop and laptop machines (don’t get me started about the EBN machine, which is curiously unstable under FreeBSD 8.0) so that my main development workstation is running OSOL build nv134, I’ve kicked off a new round of OSOL builds. Of course, I ran into the 134 upgrade issue where /dev/ptmx ends up with the wrong permissions, but that’s documented along with a workaround in the release notes. The new set of builds is plain KDE SC 4.4.3, with only a few updates: Assuan is updated to 2.0.0. This disables parts of KDE PIM, at least until I get KMail recompiled so that I can get at the patch that Will Stephenson sent me two weeks ago to handle Assuan2. ICU4C is updated to 4.4.1. The FOSShier package makes a new appearance, so you can easily manage KDE SC separately from the dependencies that KDE4 has.

For the bits-that-I-haven’t-tried-myself, I think KDM now partly works on OSOL, but it doesn’t run all of the scripts that GDM does, so you don’t get a very good desktop experience out of it.

On the whole, it’s not really exciting. We (as in the KDE4-OpenSolaris folks) have decided to give the KDE SC 4.5 betas a miss for now — I know that trunk was having some interesting template issues a few weeks again, so I have serious doubts it will compile at all — and just try to get the current crop of packages in the best shape possible for OpenSolaris.

There’s an OpenSolaris 2010.03 upcoming, some day. Yes, that 03 was supposed to be March, but clearly corporate takeovers got in the way. There are some pretty big changes in packaging there (in particular, package naming) so in order to make the KDE4 packages integrate cleanly we’ll have to do some fixing there.

As always, the specfiles can be had from our specfile repo; however, packages are not up-to-date on the package server because of stability issues.