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Russian comments (2)

Thanks to all of the commenters explaining the odd Russian comment that I’d gotten on my blog. The bike maps entry also attracted two more: one saying “Что-то такое слышал, но не так подробно, а откуда материал брали?” and the other “Просто спасибо, за красивые мысли вслух” — from the same IP address, with links to sites whose quality I cannot immediately judge. Regardless of the content — these seem to be plausible but meaningless comments to make — I’m going to have to regard them as comment spam. If anyone wants (dares!) to take a look at oleg dot soviet union or 24types dot russia, be my guest.

Let’s assume that this little episode has one positive effect: I’ll take my teach-yourself-Russian books down from the bookshelf and read them again.