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Open.* conferences

Time for my semi-regular Open.* conference reminders; Free Software conferences, Open content, what have you, all kinds of neat stuff that you might still be thinking about attending or sending papers to. Open Rhein Ruhr is the farthest away in time, so lots of opportunity there to still get in a talk. I unfortunately can only submit an English language talk on software licensing, although my German is getting better (only on topics like Vereinsrecht, though). OpenExpo is closest, and looks like a good event where I could wear too many hats at once, if I were to attend (I hope I can figure out a way to do so).

In the middle are two overlapping conferences: the NLUUG Fall Conference on the Open Web on October 29th, and the co-located Linux Kongress and OpenSolaris DevCon. I may end up taking the night train from Ede to Dresden to attend the last day of the latter, because I have to be at the former.

[[ Ooh! And there’s EuroBSDCon as well! ]]