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Scary midnight pumpkinSo hallowe’en has shuffled off, zombie-like, for another year. Darkness falls faster now, with the start of daylight saving. About every three months, folks in this street in Lent grasp an opportunity to hold a street party. This time I actually made flyers stating a time, date (not everyone is hip to hallowe’en in the Netherlands) and place and the instructions “bring food and/or drink and we’ll see what happens.” Those instructions apply to most of our street-fests. There’s almost 20 kids in the immediate neighbourhood, so they rush around until tired and the adults produce some very nice bits of cookery. Ms. I. had pumpkin flaps (like apple turnovers, but with pumpkin) and Ms. B. had a fine pumpkin-chicken pie. There was beer, wine, more beer, jenever and special Texels bitter and the fires burned down around midnight — that’s what you get when the next day is a working day for most.

The photo is of the pumpkin I made with Mira and Amiel; they grew it in their garden plot and it grew to about 10kg. They did the design and I wielded the butcher’s knife — although I did make Mira scoop out the pumpkin gloop with her bare hands, for the scary slimy hallowe’en feeling.