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Wanted: software for flash audio recorder

Last month I bought a Tascam DR-07 which is a nice flash-based digital audio recorder. With it I am able to record all the fun I have with my kids and friends (e.g. when playing Taboo). All audio material is recorded in PCM (WAV) format on the SD card of the device and can be transferred easily onto my GNU/Linux machine.

Unfortunately I have not found a good solution to manage the audio material that is generated yet. I have started to convert all files into FLAC format simply because no tagging tool seems to be available that supports metadata embedding into WAV files. Most media players support FLAC metadata but they are restricted to the Disc/Album/Track view. My output files do not fit to this scheme and my preferred view on the files would be more likely organized around Recording Date/Location/Persons information (similar to handling images from a digital camera).

So I am looking for a good approach to handle my audio files using free software. The software that comes closest is perhaps the Windows-only, closed-source tool Mp3tag as it allows convenient handling of custom tags. Does anybody know some similar tool for GNU/Linux? If you have an idea what software fits to my situation please leave a comment or send a mail to yahuxo(at)fsfe(dot)org.

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4 Responses to “Wanted: software for flash audio recorder”

  1. Mkesper Says:

    Sorry, but there exists a plethora of tagging tools in Free Software. Did you have a look at http://easytag.sourceforge.net/ or maybe http://mathema.tician.de/software/tagpy ?

  2. yahuxo Says:

    Without any doubt there are a lot of tagging tools existing but my main points with all user applications I’ve checked so far (including EasyTag) are that they

    * are not flexible enough to allow definition and handling of custom tags if one wants to enter metadata outside of the Disc/Album/Track scheme
    * do not support browsing of media files besides the common Disc/Album/Track view as made popular through iTunes (e.g. I would like to list all files with a date value between 2009-10-01 and 2009-12-31)
    * are not capable of handling date metadata besides a single year value — no entering of at least month or day as is supported with at least ID3V2.3, ID3V2.4 and Vorbis Comment formats.

  3. Sergiu Dumitriu Says:

    KID3 is pretty good, see http://kid3.sourceforge.net/

  4. Math Software For Kids Says:

    Agree, been using it for quite some time now and it really does it job.