Using the Ada Web Server (AWS), part 2

In the Using the Ada Web Server (AWS), part 1 article I showed you how to setup a simple Hello world! server powered by the awesomeness that is the Ada Web Server (AWS) project. In this second part I will show you how to utilize the Templates_Parser module to build your HTML and I’ll also Read more »

Ada Programming Community @ Google+

Google just rolled out its latest addition to the Google+ platform: Google+ Communities, and naturally we just had to have an Ada Programming Community. Hopefully the community will grow at a steady pace and become a good place for general discussion about Ada. We’ve already got two solid posts, one about the state of building Read more »

“Hello World” GtkAda and Glade3 Tutorial

Many years ago I tried my hand at Glade and PHP-Gtk (don’t ask!), and I found the entire experience to be fairly horrible. Since then I’ve steered well clear of anything to do with Gtk – in fact I’ve steered clear of GUI (Gtk/Qt) programming in general, mostly because I’ve found that if a program Read more »

Yolk aligned with latest Ada Web Server update

When I got back from my trip to Iceland, I did a git pull on AWS and among the ~89 patches that had gone in since my departure from Denmark, a handful added some new configuration parameters. I’ve added these new parameters to Yolk, so it now requires AWS commit 30281b522ed43782c8f9e7fd1f0fd912510b48f0 in order to work. Read more »

Labeled exit bug in GNAT GPL 2012 confirmed

While trying out the new Ada 2012 loop syntax, I discovered what appeared to be a bug in the compiler: I could not use labeled exit statements when using the new loop syntax. Observe this simple example: with Ada.Text_IO;   procedure Loopy is use Ada.Text_IO;   Foo : array (1 .. 3) of String (1 Read more »